Slow smoked BBQ isn't something you just fall into. It takes years of practice, trial and error, and countless hours spent beside the smoker.  


The Big House story is a testament to the dedication it takes to do BBQ the right way. Neil’s fascination with BBQ started over 25 years ago, during his days as a diver for the US Navy. A cook who grew up in his father’s BBQ joint in Memphis taught Neil how to make authentic, Memphis-style, dry rubs for beef, pork, and poultry. In the two and a half decades since, Neil has taken what he learned in the Navy and refined it, truly perfecting the art of slow smoked BBQ

Big House, like most things, started out as a hobby. Neil loves cooking for people, and over the years has made a name for himself among his friends and family for his skills in the kitchen. After years of positive feedback, Neil began toying with the idea of taking his meals beyond his loved ones and making them available to the public. He realized that there was only one way to serve his amazing BBQ to as many folks as possible. He decided to follow his dream and leave the security of a comfortable corporate job to follow his passion. He commissioned the construction of the Big House BBQ trailer, a fully functional mobile kitchen with a 900 lb. smoker attached to the back, and got to work creating the absolute best BBQ around.


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because our meat is slow smoked, 24 hour notice is required 

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